What Should You Read Next?

True Power (by Vicente Falconi)

“True Power,” written by Vicente Falconi, is an excellent reference for everyone that wants to improve his management and leadership skills.

Pragmatic, the books deliver wisdom in every chapter in a very impactful way.

Results-oriented, Falconi shows objectivity covering generally subjective topics.

Leadership means achieve results, working with the team, doing the right thing. (Vicente Falconi).

Each paragraph of “True Power” highlights the value of the method to the practice of proper management.


Elemar Júnior

Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP. I have been working for more than two decades developing world-class business software. I had the privilege to help to change the way Brazil sells, designs and produces furniture. Today, my technical interests are scalable architectures, database engines, and integration tools. Also, I am crazy about exponential organizations and business strategy.

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